About IMPARA catering & consulting


       IMPARA catering & consulting marries Chef Keith Volpe’s two greatest passions, cooking and learning, into a beautiful symphony of one-of-a-kind personal services provided to a discerning clientele who value authenticity.
      It all began for Chef Keith as a young boy in his nonni’s kitchen before leaving California to studying under Chef Julian Bond at Dubrulle International Culinary & Hotel Institute in the food lovers paradise of Vancouver, B.C.  After graduating, Chef Keith decided to move “south of the border” to continue working with the amazing bounty of the Pacific Northwest.  This included all kinds of local seafood such as fresh oysters and rare salmon varieties to fresh from the farm produce and locally foraged mushrooms.  He worked in some of the better restaurants in Seattle, WA for over a year such as Anthony’s Pier 66 before setting his sites on sunny South Florida.
    Chef Keith knew he needed a speciality to set himself apart and chose authentic regional Italian cuisine in honor of his heritage (and his nonni).  He discovered a Slow Food school in the Marche region of Italy where his nonni’s family originated.  As a side note, for those that don’t know, Slow Food was started in 1987 in Italy out of a disdain for the American “fast food” mentality that was invading Europe.  While in Jesi (AN) Italy at  ITALCOOK The Higher Institute of Gastronomy, Chef Keith diligently studied most of the twenty diverse regions of Italy and even worked in a few as an intern.  He eagerly absorbed everything authentically Italian that crossed his path intent on bringing it all back with him to the states.
    Chef Keith’s mission to re-teach Americans how to better enjoy all the richness that life has to offer through his love of cooking and eating was born out of a profound realization that Americans had somehow lost touch with the simplest pleasures of life, like eating and cooking.  “More is better!” is not always true and “I don’t have time!” is no excuse.  Our hectic go!-go!-go! stress-filled technology dependent modern society here in America always bothered Chef Keith.  He saw it as unnatural and knew the cure was a return to our common European roots and a simpler life of good food and good company.  “The Good Life” in the greatest sense of the word!
   For centuries, way before the birth of America, food was always seen as much more than just something to eat, more than just an inconvenient chore or need to fill with cheap processed sugary salty crap.  It was the entertainment and the highlight of anything and everything special.  It was the common bound between humans, a shared experience.  It defined our cultures, created communion, and nourished our very souls to the core. It is only recently that we have lost touch with much of our connection to our own nature, especially the foods we consume.
 IMPARA, which means “to learn” in Italian, is passionately working towards returning Americans back to their roots, back to a simpler time when life was more fulfilling.  By restoring our culinary heritage as a champion of the Slow Food motto- Good, Clean, Fair Food.  I encourage everyone to come to the table and join Chef Keith of IMPARA catering & consulting as we “break bread” and remember what it truly means to be human through the celebration of what is really important in life- that which gives us life, our own food!
Hand-made Gnocchi with Bolognese Sauce
Tiramisu done right!
Pizza made at home from scratch!

For the love of Learning & Cooking