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The healthy habit of home cooking

Most of us can look back to a childhood memory ingrained in our minds of being in the kitchen with grandma or mom cooking, or it may have been outside with dad on the grill.  These are those precious moments that make up a meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling life.  If you haven’t seen Pixar’s movie “Inside Out,” it really shows you the importance of these childhood experiences.  We’ve all grown up since then to believe that taking the time like we did as a kid to enjoy life is just not practical anymore.  That it takes too much time.  Meanwhile, we have no problem waiting a hour for a seat at a popular restaurant that is too loud to hear yourself think.  I say let’s reconsider the merits of “going out” and remember the value of “staying in.”


Grandmother taking a turkey from the oven with her grandson watching --- Image by © SuperStock/Corbis
Grandmother taking a turkey from the oven with her grandson watching — Image by © SuperStock/Corbis

Here is a great article on the health benefits of home cooking, not just the physical ones, but the health and well-being of our soul.  Never forget, your soul needs nourishing too!  If you had a childhood like the one I described early, you know what I mean 🙂


When we go out to a restaurant we have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes, who’s cooking our food, where the food came from.  I like mysteries, but not when it comes to what I eat.  Depending on the night, we patiently wait to have our order taken and then delivered amiss the chaotic of a fully-packed restaurant.  Lets take back our dinnertime!


This is where IMPARA catering & consulting comes in.  Imagine having a cherished group of friends (the same group you probably go out with) over to your house for an intimate evening where you choose the music (and the volume), if any, where you write the menu and dictate the whole experience with the guidance of your own private chef.  And best of all, you don’t have to do the dishes!  This can be yours and so can those lasting memories from childhood that seem out of reach in our hectic fast-paced digital world where people have forgotten to stop and smell the roses (and the food).  Here’s to you, your friends and family having an unforgettable experience with (or without) the help of Chef Keith from IMPARA catering & consulting.  Expect to read more on this topic as time goes on because its a fundamental tenement of why I do what I do.

Diversity in Diet

This is a world record for diversity with 8,146 dishes!
This is a world record for diversity with 8,146 dishes!

IMPARA catering & consulting is unlike anything else out there.  We are determined to bring awareness to the sacred act of eating and cooking good food.  Let’s start our journey by first looking at diversity.  Its a funny thing.  Too much of something is not good, nor is too little.  But one thing is for sure, DIVERSITY IS GOOD!  There is a song I like by Groove Armada called “If Everybody Looked The Same”.  The chorus goes, “If everybody looked the same, we’d get tired of looking at each other.” Imagine that!  Boring!

Now lets take a look at our diet.  Is there diversity in it?  Are you eating the same thing everyday?

Then I say to you, switch it up!  Try something new!

A great way to do that is by taking a cooking class, learning something new that you can run with and experiment on to expand your horizons.  Every new experience is access to an infinity of new experiences.  The more we expand our horizons, the more we can take on.  Ever-expanding is the goal, so to speak.  This was an idea I learned from Self Discovery (SD) that just felt right….to me.  Feel into it for yourself and see what your intuition says.

diversityIf you’re still not convinced, we can also go straight to nature as a role model.  How does nature feel about diversity?  Diminishing diversity in our world is harming the environment because nature prefers diversity.  Its a hedge against threats.  Back in 1969 there was a corn blight almost wiped out American corn farmers due to a lack of diversity.    The  biodiversity and is more related to biology than culinary arts.  The principle is still the same though-

Diversity is good!

Photo by John Tomanio/National Geographic, Food Icons/ Quick Honey, Source / Rural Advancement Foundation International
Photo by John Tomanio/National Geographic, Food Icons/ Quick Honey, Source / Rural Advancement Foundation International
Photo: © marilyna/iStock
Photo: © marilyna/iStock

I encourage everyone to have diversity in their diet on all levels.  Yes, a little meat (responsibly raised) every now and then won’t kill you. And some of your carnivores could use a little more vegetables in your diet.  Have some fancy flavorful food in a nice restaurant, but switch it up with simple, clean, lightly-seasoned food too.  Hot and cold, crunchy and smooth, sweet and savory, taste a little bit of it all and life will be all that more fulfilling.

One way I love experiencing new cultures is by eating it’s cuisine.  There are literally thousands of  cultures in the world.  Thats a lot of diverse cuisines to taste!  Get tasting and learn more about this beautifully diverse world and its amazingly different and unique cultures.  I am here to be your guide on this journey.  It’ll empower your self discovery too, if you’re into that.  The best way to appreciate more of what we already have is by trying something totally different from it.  Be adventurous and discover new things.

Feel free to email me (or call me) for guidance.  I love having “enlightening” conversations about the culinary arts.  I’m happy  discussing anything food related!  I’m here for you as a resource, just ask.  And when you’re ready to have a cooking class, we can talk about that too.   -K


IMPARA means “to learn” so the real question is,“Why learn?”  I am full of arguments in favor of learning and left searching for some reasonable opposition against it.  If I am learning, I am growing.  If I am learning, I am aware.  If I am learning, I am open.  I could go on and on.  By now its obvious, I love to learn!



Every door leads to a thousand other doors.  Like going on the internet only to get lost in a tangent of a tangent that has somehow lead you to why camels have two eye lids!?Huh?  You know what I mean 😉  This begs an even greater question, “How do I get the most out of what I’ve learned?”  Learning most certainly teaches you more about yourself, your environment, your own humanity, the purpose of life, on and on.  The bigger I become, meaning the greater viewpoint I take on, the more I can do- all possibilities.  Look at your own life.  Are you capable of more today than you were ten years ago?  Duh!? You’ve grown a lot in the last ten years!CIRCLE LOGO copy[2]




So, I say to you,


And become all that you can be!

Changing the world starts by changing our self.

In the next post, we’ll look at how learning creates more and more diversity leading to a greater appreciation of one’s own uniqueness.  There is only one of you in all the universe.  Embrace this reality.

In the beginning…

Welcome to my first website and blog.  I invite you to come along on this exciting journey of self discovery through the world of blogging, specifically about authentic regional Italian cuisine.  That’s where it all started for me  I had been to culinary school and was working in the United States of America for 3yrs prior to deciding to specialize in authentic regional Italian cuisine by living, studying, and working in Italy for one year.

I will continue to polish and fine tune this website.  Please bookmark it under real Italian cooking and check-in periodically for new additions and updates.  In the meantime, please explore the “About Us” page with its many profile links and then feel free to contact us for more information about how to hire Chef Keith to cater an unforgettable event for you, your workplace, your family,  your friends and/or…. all of the above!

No matter the event, you imagine it, and a rewarding unexpected experience will be delivered by Chef Keith that satisfies the soul in perpetuity.  My goal is to create loyal repeat customers eager to refer me to their friends, family, and co-workers.  Help me fulfill my goal by allowing me that first-time chance to make you a fan forever.

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