Cooking Classes

IMPARA catering & consulting,

with the guidance of Chef Keith,

is here to serve all your needs in the kitchen…





The kitchen is a great arena for gaining more self-confidence and self-sufficiency through the art of cooking.  There might not even be heat involved.  Its purely the alchemy of good eating, healthy eating.  Being able to do this on our own is very empowering.  Anything that breaks our bonds of dependency reaffirms our self-sufficiency.  If your favorite restaurant disappeared, could you satisfy your own desires?  If I gave you a random box of produce, what would you do with it?  This is the fun of joining a CSA where a person receives a bi-weekly mystery box of seasonal produce.  It stokes our creativity in unexpected ways!








So why not enter the kitchen arena and take on some cooking classes of your own with Chef Keith to see what you’re made of?  You can be assured that’ll be life-changing.  Your relationship with the food you eating will greatly improve.  Many people experience more of what they want when this happens.  I, yes this is Chef Keith, have clients who’ve taken off the weight they want, or conversely put the weight they’ve wanted on, by improving their relationship with the life giving experience of eating.  Take your fulfill in the kitchen and at the table to whole new heights by taking one-on-one cooking classes from IMPARA catering & consulting.  Small groups can also be accommodated.  My favorite is watching a small group of close friends, a couple in love, or a family strengthen their ties by this incredible shared-experience.  Call me today to discuss the details.  I am hear to make sure you give yourself more of what you want.  Whatever that may be?



My specialty is authentic regional Italian cuisine.  I love seeing people reconnect  back to their roots (if they are Italian) by exploring unfamiliar dishes from the region their ancestors hailed from, be that Sicily (Sicilia),Campania (Naples), or any of the other eighteen diverse regions that make up what we call Italy.  If my clients aren’t Italian, its like taking a vacation in Italy that’ll certainly leaving them more connected to the uniqueness of their own culture.

The details of Chef Keith’s cooking classes are as follows:
  • First time customers receive a $25 discount
  • Each event starts with a minimum 4 billable hours
  • It is $75 per hour for a minimum total of $300 dollars per event
  • (The first dish/course is two billable hours, for each additional dish/course add one billable hour- which means the required 4 hour minimum is a 3 course meal!  [Ex: appetizer (antipasto) first course (primi) second course (secondo) or dessert(dolce)]
  • You’re encouraged to give yourself more by adding extra dishes/courses to the minimum 3-course meal (Ex: 5-course meal)     
  • The groceries are purchased from an agreed upon budget
  • The grocery budget is paid in advance and is the deposit required to book an event  
  • The minimum grocery budget per event  is $50 per person                  ($60 with wine)
  • A maximum of 8 guests can be accommodated per event 
  • Every guest receives a custom tailored recipe packet for continued learning
  • Every guest is allowed a follow-up call to review what was learned
  • As a valued customer, you’ll have unlimited access to Chef Keith via email to ask any future questions that might come up regarding what was taught.
  • There is a small premium ($25) for Friday and Saturday Evenings, as these are the most popular nights
  • Parties greater than 8 can be accommodated  with advanced notice and a different price structure that covers the cost of the extra assistance required
  • Your kitchen will be left the way Chef Keith found it
  • Equipment utilized during the cooking class can be purchased
  • After four new referrals, my best customers are rewarded with a free 3-course cooking class (groceries not included)
  • Please be aware that many un-billable hours take place behind the scenes, such as, researching recipes and their history, sourcing great ingredients, shopping, prepping, packing, driving, cleaning, etc.) 
  • Tips are happily received for extraordinary service

For the love of Learning & Cooking