“Making Love”- The Workshop

What makes good food good?   What makes good art good?  What makes good music good?

Yeah sure, there are millions of subjective opinions as to what “good” is, yet none relay the common cause.  I propose that the common cause for “good” in the world is not “what”, but “who”.  Who made this magnificent thing?  Who was this person being when they were working?  Love is always looking to be expressed. You can call it Chi, life force, or Prana.  It can come from anywhere, anytime!  When we can embody this “love” and act with it in mind, we truly have the Midas touch.  Making love is fun and easy!  All you have to do is take something you love and express it, in your own way,  in the world with undivided attention to detail.  Whether its through art, music, dancing, cooking, acting, gardening, living,  our unique expressions of “good” through what we love is what makes something “good”.praying1


When it comes to “making love” in the kitchen, nobody beats IMPARA catering & consulting.  Chef Keith is fanatical about cooking good food.  He truly has a gift, and now he is eager to impart it on others.  Introducing, Making Love- the workshop, brought to you by IMPARA catering & consulting with the cooperation of Chef Keith.  A sexy approach to living a more sensual life.  It starts with quality local produce.  Why local?  The farther something gets from its source the less essence it has of where it came from.  Ideally, our ingredients come from a local farmer who is as passionate about growing, as I am about cooking.  In a way, the farmer is passing you the torch.  Will the integrity of his work of love be upheld or will you desecrate?



Seize this rare opportunity to study with a true master of culinary arts. The kitchen is the stage where you’ll learn the nuances of fine dining made simple.    Its the seemingly little things that make the biggest difference.  Most importantly, the quality of attention utilized is what produces a divine result.  It’s Divination! The ancient practice of focusing on something until it achieves a divine status.  This is what naturally happens in our world already.  The more people that gaze upon a shrine, the more holy it becomes.  Well then why not apply the same mechanics in other areas of our life?  Many can argue this is the origins of saying Grace at the dinner table.  It was a divinization ritual that elevated the experience about to take place, to make it holy.  Join Chef Keith of IMPARA catering & consulting in learning how to divinize your own meals.  By attending this workshop and practicing regularly what you learn, you’ll be “making love” in the kitchen in no time.

This workshop is in the beginning phases and will happen depending on the interest level for the public.  Voice your opinion and let IMPARA catering & consulting know you want this by reaching out at iloveimpara@gmail.com.


For the love of Learning & Cooking