IMPARA means “to learn” so the real question is,“Why learn?”  I am full of arguments in favor of learning and left searching for some reasonable opposition against it.  If I am learning, I am growing.  If I am learning, I am aware.  If I am learning, I am open.  I could go on and on.  By now its obvious, I love to learn!



Every door leads to a thousand other doors.  Like going on the internet only to get lost in a tangent of a tangent that has somehow lead you to why camels have two eye lids!?Huh?  You know what I mean 😉  This begs an even greater question, “How do I get the most out of what I’ve learned?”  Learning most certainly teaches you more about yourself, your environment, your own humanity, the purpose of life, on and on.  The bigger I become, meaning the greater viewpoint I take on, the more I can do- all possibilities.  Look at your own life.  Are you capable of more today than you were ten years ago?  Duh!? You’ve grown a lot in the last ten years!CIRCLE LOGO copy[2]




So, I say to you,


And become all that you can be!

Changing the world starts by changing our self.

In the next post, we’ll look at how learning creates more and more diversity leading to a greater appreciation of one’s own uniqueness.  There is only one of you in all the universe.  Embrace this reality.

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